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What is Herbal Roots zine?

The real magic is in the play…

Each issue is packed with songs, stories, poems, crafts, puzzles, and games to make learning fun.

Traditionally, knowledge was passed down from the elders through story and song. Herbal Roots zine honors this tradition to bring herbal learning alive and memorable.

Herbal Roots zine is the only herbal curriculum that uses all four learning styles (visual, auditory, reading, and kinesthetic) to fully immerse students in their herbal learning experience.


Herbal Roots zine offers a variety of online courses that range from 30 days to year long courses to inspire children and their parents to learn about herbs. Each course has been crafted to nurture your child’s curiousity about the plants as they explore. 

I Work for Children & Their Parents

Rosemary Helps You Remember

When most people think of  Rosemary, they think of cooking. The fact is, many ‘kitchen herbs’ have medicinal value as well! Exploring kitchen herbs is a simple way to get to know medicinal herbs. It’s easy to find them at your local nursery to start a garden. Although...

Delicious Stuffed Daylily Flowers

Have you ever eaten a daylily flower? These beautiful flowers come in a rainbow of colors and I have several in my yard ranging from a deep orangy red to a solid orange to a buttery yellow. These beautiful summery flowers not only brighten the landscape but they are...

Why You Should Give Nettles a Try!

Nettles are so well known, that they need no description; they may be found by feeling, in the darkest night. -Nicholas Culpeper Cursed for his nasty sting, Stinging Nettles, also referred to as Nettles, may take some getting used to but knowing how to harvest and...

Free Resources for You

The following are a few of my popular free herbal learning resources. You can find the entire selection in the free section of my shop.













Kid-Friendly Herbal Learning

What Do Our Students & Their Parents Say?

Here is what our customers are saying about Herbal Roots zine: 

Written mostly for kids, I thoroughly enjoy it myself and learn an incredible amount along with Jack. Each month, Kristine focuses on a different plant, and fills the zine with recipes, crafts, art, poetry, games, medicine-making, history, and more, focused on that single plant. What a great way of filling all those varied parts of the brain with information!! We each have our preferred way of processing, and Herbal Roots zine covers ALL the bases. I love it.

Julie James

Herbalist, Green Wisdom Herbal Studies, Long Beach, CA

You are offering a one of a kind very well done magazine. It is obvious a lot of thought, details, talent and love went in it!

Miryam M.


I really enjoy your website & Herbal Roots zine! My children love the puzzles, crafts and stories and I love to share my passion with them. It seems a miracle, when I had watched in dismay as my oldest became less and less interested in nature and a bit tired of tea, gathering herbs, and listening to mom drone on about why she had to eat that new thing on her plate instead of what’s been marketed to her. You have shown me a new approach, one that children respond to in spite of themselves! The video game console still gets used, but we have bonded over our love for herbs and nature in a way I’ve only dreamed of. She has made tea blends to bring to her teachers and friends, and has respect and a protective heart for our plant allies and pristine wilderness we’re fortunate enough to have near to us.
Thank you for all you’ve taught me, and keeping me on track with your emails!

North Carolina