Bergamot/Bee Balm – Issue 31


August is a month of many transitions. The air, while still hot, often has a note of change as the days grow mildly shorter. Those who attend school are preparing to go back, while those who school at home often start back in their formal schooling.

There’s still plenty of time to play outside however and with that comes cuts, scratches, sunburns and more, all great candidates for learning about the healing magic of Bergamot. This beautiful showy plant feeds hummingbirds and other pollinators in the garden while providing lots of medicine for us.

You’ll learn to make medicine that is easy to use as medicine or as food, including a recipe for Spicy Cucumber Salad which is cooling on these last hot days of summer, create a fun craft project using some fabric, a few Bergamot flowers (M. didyma works best) and a hammer and lots more!

Blissful Bergamot Table of Contents:

Note to Parents

Calendar of Activities for the Month

Herb Spirit: How Do You See Bergamot?

All About…Bergamot

Scramble, Search and More: Word Decipher, Word Search, Empty Square

Herbal Lore: How Sweet Leaf Got Her Spice

Songs and Poems: Sweet Stress Relief, Lavender Heals

Herbal Recipes: Making Bergamot Infused Vinegar and Honey, Herbal Washes, Bergamot Tea and Spicy Cucumber Salad

Coloring Page

Herbal Crafts and More: Pressing Bergamot, Pounded Flower Craft

Maze: Can You Find Your Way through the Bergamot Flower?

Herbal Journal: Record your journey with Bergamot

Crossword Puzzle

Resource Page

PDF digital file – 36 pages from Cover to Resource page.


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