Evening Primrose – Issue 33


Commercially, anything other than Evening Primrose Seed Oil is hard to find but luckily, Evening Primrose grows abundantly across most of the United States and many parts of Europe. Not to be confused with Primrose, Oenothera mainly has blossoms of yellow though other colors are found on some species. This lovely flower blooms at twilight and the flowers remain in bloom until mid-morning the following day until the sun reaches high in the sky and wilts them back.

This month you’ll learn all about this long blooming biennial (O. biennis, though other species can be annual or perennial as well…) and discover some great uses for this much forgotten plant. Not only will you learn what Evening Primrose can be used for but you’ll also learn to make an infused oil, a salve and an infused honey, make a lovely decorative candle holder, sing about Evening Primrose’s healing powers and tell the story of the Discovery of Evening Primrose.

There are lots of games, puzzles and recipes to make learning all about Evening Primrose lots of fun!

Anticipating Evening Primrose Table of Contents:

Note to Parents
Herb Spirit
All About Evening Primrose
Scramble, Search and More: Matching Definitions, Label the Plant Parts, Word Search, Unscramble and Decode the Message
Herbal Lore: The Discovery of Evening Primrose
Songs and Poems: Evening Primrose, What Do You Heal?
Herbal Recipes: Evening Primrose Infused Oil, Evening Primrose Salve, Evening Primrose Infused Honey, Evening Primrose Seed Oil
Coloring Page
Herbal Crafts: Herb Pressing/Drawing, Decorative Candle Holder
Maze: Find your way through the Luna Moth
Journal: Write your thoughts, medicine making notes and other information about your month with Evening Primrose
Crossword Puzzle

PDF digital file – 35 pages from Cover to Resource Page.


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