Pine – Issue 11


This month’s edition of Herbal Roots Zine is fat and sassy, with 5 craft pages and more fun than ever. I’ve added a plant anatomy section in the word search and scramble portion to give your kids a little botany lesson as I really feel learning a bit of botany can go so far in teaching anyone about herbs!
The craft section has crafts using pine pitch, pine cones and pine needles, with skill levels ranging from preschoolers to older school aged children. The pine needle basket needs a patient child who is willing to make a few mistakes and learn along the way but the results will be well worth it, possibly cultivating a hobby for life!

Parts of the tree one never thought imaginable to use as medicine are indeed used for medicine and once had other interesting uses such as glue and waterproofing for the Native Americans.

This month’s issue is a full 28 pages 56 pages! As usual, we have fun giveaways, including another copy of learning herb/herb mentor’s wildcraft!

Pondering Pine – December 2009’s Table of Contents:

Note to Parents
All About…Pine
Scramble, Search and More! – Word Scramble , Word Search, Decipher the words, Circle the Energetics, Fill in the Blanks
Herbal Lore – The Tree That Never Sleeps
Songs and Poems – Learn to write a cinquain poem and sing the pine tree song!
Herbal Recipes – Pine Needle Tea, Pine Needle Extract, Pine Pitch Oil and Salve, Pine Cone Oil, Pine Cone Syrup
Coloring Page
Herbal Crafts and More -Learn to make pine pitch glue, pinecone fire starters, pinecone bird feeders, pine needle baskets and press a branch of pine
Maze – A cute little owl shaped maze
Herbal Journal – A spot to record some sketches and notes on your journey with pine. Keep track of all your medicine making here as well!
Crossword Puzzle
Resource Page – 2 pages of resources for more pine learning and more!
Final Pages with puzzle answers

PDF digital file – 56 pages cover to resource page.


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