Rosemary – Issue 10


This was a fun month to create. I love singing the Rosemary song a I worked on the illustrations and Rosemary really spoke to me drawing wise. I drew her several times in this issue, more than I normally draw an individual plant.

Rosemary is a lot like Dandelion in that her medicine is used a lot as food (although tinctures are quite a valid form of medicine). This month, kids will learn to make an herbal vinegar, oil and honey as well as soap and shampoo. They’ll have fun creating Rosemary butter and a Rosemary wreath.

As usual, there are lots of fun games to help kids remember all the important facts about Rosemary: a crossword puzzle, maze, word search, word scramble, decipher page and matching game plus facts about Rosemary and a story of how rosemary helped one little boy remember his tasks.

Remembering Rosemary table of contents:
(Revised 2021)

Note to Parents
Herb Spirit
All About…Rosemary
Scramble, Search and More
Herbal Lore: Rosemary Reminds
Songs and Poems
Herbal Recipes: Rosemary Extract, Rosemary Tea, Herbal Oil, Rosemary Infused Vinegar, Rosemary Infused Honey, and Rosemary Infused Butter
Coloring Page
Herbal Crafts and More: Press a Clipping of Rosemary, Make a Rosemary Wreath, Make Shampoo and Soap!
How Many Words?
Maze: Help the Armadillo Find the Rosemary Patch
Herbal Journal: Record all your Thoughts and Experiments about Rosemary and Sketch Her too
Crossword Puzzle
Resource Page
Answer Page

PDF digital file – 54 pages from cover to resources.


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