St. John’s Wort – Issue 18


July’s issue is just as sunny as the herb it is presenting: St. John’s Wort! This is my biggest issue yet at 35 pages!

This sunny herb does more than help people with depression. Not only is he sunny but he can protect you from the sun, soothe you after being in the sun, repair nerve damage and so much more! Read all about his healing powers in this issue of Herbal Roots Zine!

Four pages of recipes will teach you how to make oils, infusions, sunscreen and tinctures as well as a lesson on how to harvest St. John’s Wort. The craft section will give you tips on how to grow your own St. John’s wort, dye some silks or wool using St. John’s wort tincture as well as provide a place for a pressing of him.

Come explore St. John’s wort!

REVISED Sunny St. John’s Wort’s Table of Contents:

Note to Parents
Supply List
Herb Spirits
All About…St. John’s wort
Scramble, Search and More: Do a Word Search, Connect the Word Parts, Find the Missing Letter and Find the Hidden Words
Herbal Botany
Herbal Lore: The Sunniest Solstice
Songs and Poems
Herbal Recipes: Learn How to Harvest St. John’s wort, Make an Oil, Make an Infusion, Make a Tincture, Make Sunscreen Cream
Coloring Page
How Many Words?
Herbal Crafts and More: Growing St. John’s Wort, Press some St. John’s Wort, Dying with St. John’s Wort
Herbal Journal: Record Your Thoughts and Experiences with St. John’s wort
Crossword Puzzle
Resource Page
Answer Pages

PDF digital file – 52 pages from cover to resource page.


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