Violet – Issue 3


The April 2009 issue is ready! This month we’ll be learning all about Sweet Vi, the shy little herb that likes to spread her purple joy all over the lawn around April of every year.

Learn how Violet got her showy purple flowers, learn to make a herbal paste and syrup, all the great uses of Violet, where to find her and what to use her for!

Getting to Know Violet – April 2009’s Table of Contents:
(Revised 2021)

Note to Parents
Herb Spirits
All About…Violet
Word Search, Scramble & More
Herbal Lore: How Violet Got Her Showy Flowers
Songs and Poems: Sweet Little Vi, Never-Ending, A Violet Haiku
Herbal Recipes: Violet Leaf Infusion, Violet Leaf Extract, Violet Leaf Oil, Learn to make Party Cubes, Violet Jelly, Violet Paste and Violet Honey
Coloring Page
Herbal Crafts and More!: Herb Pressing, How to Make a Litmus Test to Test Your Soil, How to Make Violet Potpourri and How to Make Violet Sachets
How Many Words?
Maze: Help the skunk find the violet patch
Herbal Journal: A Place to Record Your Discoveries and Writings about Violet
Crossword Puzzle
Resource Guide: Books to Read, Games to Play, Websites to Explore
Answer Pages

PDF digital file – 56 pages, including the cover


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